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Where can you get the best nuts, chips, dates and honey?

Of course, at Union Coop we’ve got you covered!

Confectionaries including Biscuits, Dates and Chocolates are a very important part of our lifestyle today and Union Coop ensures consumers can get their hands on renowned international and domestic brands. Union Coop as one of the largest Consumer Cooperative in the UAE has made its presence felt in emirates of Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Umm Al Quwain.

Especially dates, which is considered as gift of the desert, is a very essential fruit to have in your daily diet. High in fiber, antioxidants and many nutrients, dates may help improve digestion and due to its nature, it can be added to your daily diet in several forms.  

The items mentioned above also make up a part of our daily lifestyle and is one of the best reasons to spoil yourself occasionally when you include items such as dates and honey in your breakfast. Often known as the most important meal, breakfast helps replenish the energy levels and restore alertness, at the same time providing necessary nutrients.

With the Union Coop’s online store, the consumer can –

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  • Order dates online
  • Order chips online or buy chips online
  • Purchase potato chips online
  • Easy option for dry fruits online shopping
  • Enjoy ordering biscuit online
  • Order chocolates online
  • Buy honey online   


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Ready to enjoy the hypermarket experience from the comfort of your home or office? Union Coop’s online channel is easier and convenient as you get to:

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