Vimto Fruit Cordial - 710ml

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Vimto Squashes Fruit Cordial a natural fruit concentrate. Vimto Fruit Cordial. Vimto cordial is a delicious way to jazz up plain water, Simply add a splash of the fruity Vimto cordial and drink up! , Vimto Squashes Fruit Cordial not only encourages you to drink more water because it is so tasty, it is also reinforced with vitamins, helping you get the essential goodness your body needs.Vimto Squashes Fruit Cordial juices are seriously mixed up to taste fantastic. Try Original, No Added Sugar as well as No added Sugar Cherry and Strawberry flavours.

Products Features
  • Brand: Vimto
  • Size: 710 ml
  • Packaging: Bottle
  • Details: On Alcoholic With added vitamin C
  • Contains no artificial colours
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Size 710 ml
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