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London Super Food Amaranth : Grains : Organic, 500 gm

London Super Food Amaranth : Grains : Organic, 500 gm

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Quick overview

An ancient grain for modern times. WHO declares it as “one of the most well balanced foods” (National Geography). NASA mandates it on their space flights. All prices are including VAT

Additional Info

The scientific name of Amaranth is Amaranthus. It was first cultivated by the Aztecs 8000 years back and called “huauhtli”. It accounted for 80% of their energy requirements. It was used to make a treat called “Alegria” (‘Joy’ in Spanish).

Protein: Source of ‘complete protein’.

                           More protein than quinoa (20-30% more than Quinoa).

Carbohydrates: High P/C ratio

Fiber: Three times the Fibre in Quinoa

Cholesterol: Zero Cholesterol

Fat: Zero Trans Fat


Calcium: Highest Calcium amongst grains & cereals.

                          Higher than Soya, Ragi & even Milk.

Iron: More than twice the Iron in Quinoa.

                          One serving = 60% of RDI. 2nd highest amongst all cereals.

Magnesium: More than Quinoa.

Manganese: 50% more than Quinoa. One serving meets 75% of RDI.

Phosphorus: Twice the content in Quinoa.

Selenium: Twice the content in Quinoa.


Vit B5, B6 & C: Higher than Quinoa


Phytosterols: Amaranth contains Phytosterols which are absent in Quinoa. 

      This lowers LDL & total Cholesterol.

Lysine: Highest Lysine content amongst all grains (even higher than

                           Quinoa). Helps body absorb calcium.



  • High Source of ‘Complete Protein’

It has higher Protein content compared to Rice, Wheat and all types of Quinoas. This Protein helps build muscle, regulate digestion, balance hormones and supports the nervous system.

  • Reduces Inflammation

When toxins build up in the body, it causes ‘inflammation’ & is associated with almost every one of the ill health condition. To name a few, Arthritis, Gout, Celiac, irritable bowel disorder (IBD) etc. Amaranth inhibits ‘inflammation’ & acts as a natural treatment.

  • Bone health

Without enough Calcium, bones become weak and susceptible to fractures and develop Osteoporosis. Since it has the highest Calcium amongst all grains and cereals and the highest Lysine to help the body absorb the Calcium, it becomes the perfect solution for bone health.

  • Lowers Cholesterol

Phytosterols in Amaranth reduce LDL. The Fibre content binds Cholesterol in the gut and causes it to be excreted. Together they reduce LDL by 20-50%.

  • Helps digestion

Due to high Fibre content, it energizes the digestive system and stimulates excretion taking with it the toxins, waste, fat, Cholesterol out of the gut. Sprouting Amaranth supports the growth of beneficial bacteria which can heal a leaky gut syndrome.

  • Fights Diabetes

With one serving providing 75% of RDI of Manganese, the Pancreas operates efficiently and it regulates blood sugar levels and acts as a Diabetes preventer.

  • It’s GlutenFree

So, it can be easily incorporated into the diets of the Celiac sensitive and Celiac disease patients.

  • Helps pregnant women

Folate in Amaranth helps DNA replication and helps foetus cells to grow.

  • Weight Loss

It reduces insulin levels in our bloodstream and releases a hormone which makes us feel less hungry. It also has anti-inflammatory phytonutrients. Fiber suppresses appetite, keeps us full and discourages overeating.


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