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Sadia Frozen Chicken Gizzards - 450 g

Sadia Frozen Chicken Gizzards - 450 g

AED 8.25

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Sadia Frozen Chicken Gizzards is not only tasty and good for health, but also it is packed with nutrition which makes it all the more desired. Depending on your choice of food, you can prepare the gravy or sauce and simply cook the chicken in it.

Product Features:
  • Brand: Sadia
  • Size: 450 g
  • Packaging: Box
  • Details: Rich in vitamins like E, B1, B-2, and B-6
  • Vitamin E, for instance, is a rich anti-oxidant
  • Prevents free radicals from cell damage
  • Being rich in minerals, meat helps to build and maintain strong bones


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