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7UP, Carbonated Soft Drink, Cans, 355 ml x 6

7UP, Carbonated Soft Drink, Cans, 355 ml x 6

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Uplifting and amazingly refreshing, 7UP, is a delicious soft drink that combines lemon and lime flavour with nice sparkling bubbles.

A quick and easy solution to quench your thirst and keep your spirits high. To help you enjoy those happy moments anywhere you want, 7UP is now available in an elegant tall, sleek can in a pack of 6. Slimmer and lighter than a usual can, making it a perfect companion for picnics, family get-togethers and all sorts of outdoor activities.

Try 7UP and give yourself a dose of pure refreshment and joy.

  • Irresistibly clean, citrusy taste
  • Caffeine-free, yet wonderfully refreshing
  • Perfect for all sorts of social gatherings and activities, both indoor and outdoor


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