Our Strategy Vision Best brand of everybody and their all-time favorite choice Mission The ultimate shopping experience of consumer goods, using the latest systems and technologies, in order to reach the largest customer base through ongoing expansion and spread out to maximize shareholders wealth. Values Good Corporate reputation: Derived from our values, powered by devotion & dedication to work, and limitless giving; it has no ceiling because our ambition is renewed with the renewal of ideas and hopes. Effective leadership: The effectiveness of leadership is reflected in UNION COOP. through taking the right and fast decisions in various areas of business, which are based on professionalism, knowledge, experience, sense of responsibility and trust & respect of subordinates. Work as a team: We work together for success because we are on one boat. We believe that all the skills, experiences, knowledge and resources can together achieve much more than each one alone. This reinforces the importance of our role about what we provide to our organization and clients of services and products. Strategic Partnerships: Our way out to the external world in order to meet the aspirations of our shareholders in expansion and proliferation, and to achieve our goals of improving the social and economic level of the community in which we work. Customers' service: We do not just make sure to earn customers' satisfaction, but keen to astonish them with new services always, as we are keen to use the latest technologies, provide all the services and consumer products at competitive prices & high quality, listen to their opinions and utilize the appropriate ones to develop the business and sustain success. Social responsibility: We excel to lend special attention to social responsibility, which stems from the laws of UNION COOP and its bylaw. We increase our contribution rate annually in various fields. It is coming from our belief to adopt a vital role in the community in which we work, live and interact in. Sustainability: Proceeding from our social responsibility, we strive to develop our business and our dealings as we can to cope with the global concept of sustainability through processes of rationalized use of various resources and maintain the natural ecological balance to serve our community and our future generations. Integrity: We take responsibility for our decisions, we commit to our obligations and comply with applicable laws, be honest with our customers. We honor and respect our superiors at work and trust our subordinates, deal impartially and neutrally with all. We strive to provide a healthy work environment based on the mutual trust in order to reach unprecedented innovative achievements. Transparency: We adopt transparency, sincerity and honesty thorough out our relationships and our dealings with the public of stakeholders because it is their right at the time they decided to invest in us regardless of whom they are and our duty towards every one of them regardless of our designations. Objectives Shareholders’ wealth maximization. Increase sales and revenues Carefully monitoring costs to achieve sustainable profit growth Developing our services which enhance communication and benefit our customers Implementing attractive shopping programs tailored to enhance customer loyalty Offering top-quality Union products at competitive prices Achieving ongoing expansion, development, and innovation, taking into account the balance between the source of funds and their use. Implementing and using the latest systems and technologies and developing the existing procedures Supporting and serving the community, to help achieve the country’s economic and social goals Recruit and develop UAE Nationals. Provide qualified staff training and retaining value added. Provide a transparent, efficient and professional data about UNION COOP's activities.