Hayatna Full Fat Yoghurt - 1kg

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Enjoy the goodness of Hayatna Full Cream Yogurt made from 100% fresh milk that is rich in calcium and protein. Our yogurt delivers a smooth, creamy tang in every delicious spoonful. Hayatna Full Cream Yogurt contains probiotic culture for healthy digestive system. Experience a whole new world of sweet and savory dishes with Hayatna Yogurt. Dollop it onto fresh fruit, add it into some crunchy granola, or salad dressing, or have it on its own. This is a versatile yogurt that can transform and elevate any breakfast or meal or snack. • 100% NATURAL: Made from 100% fresh milk and free from additives and preservatives • DELICIOUSLY SMOOTH: Enjoy a rich, smooth easy to digest tang in every bite • PROTEIN-RICH: Boasts a wealth of fantastic health benefits while helping you to get your must-needed protein fix • PERFECT SNACK: Great as a standalone snack, or blend with fruits, veggies for the perfect smoothies. Add a dollop to your overnight oats or add to homemade yogurt desserts. • LEVEL UP YOUR BAKES: Substitute sour cream or kefir with our yogurt to add a hint of slight tanginess and a light, fluffy structure to breads, biscuits, muffins, and cakes • VERSATILE, KITCHEN STAPLE: Our creamy yogurt is the perfect addition to salad dressings, chicken and fish marinades, curries, pasta sauces, dips, and homemade labneh • TRY OUR OTHER PRODUCTS: Discover Hayatna’s range of delicious 100% milk-based products including fresh milk, mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, laban, lassi, and chaas.
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