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SBS TTBB7200PW 7200 mAh Slim Power Bank (White)

SBS TTBB7200PW 7200 mAh Slim Power Bank (White)

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Li-Ion polymer Power Bank 7200 mAh 1 USB Output 1 A with micro USB cable, white color

Product Description :
This slender external battery with a capacity of 7,200 mAh ensures an extra recharge of 30 hours for your smartphone. Convenient and compact, it can be easily carried in your purse or backpack and can also be used on the plane!
Thanks to this power bank from SBS, you will be able to use all of your smartphone's features without worrying about running out of charge. Simply keep an external battery in reserve that can supply charge when required. As you use the power bank, its four status LEDs will also keep track of the remaining charge, allowing you to top it up when needed.

Capacity: 7200 mAh
Lithium battery
Status LEDs
A USB and micro USB cable are included
1 1A USB output
Charging times are approximate and depend on the battery capacity of the device being recharged.

Technical Data:
Included accessories Charging cable
Output voltage 5VCC / 1A
LED 4 for status
Battery Lithium Polymer
Input voltage 5VDC / 1A
Recharging cable USB/micro USB
Battery capacity 7200 mA
Connectors USB, Micro-USB
Height Pack 180 mm.
Width Pack 90 mm.
Depth Pack 20 mm.


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