Philips NoseTrimmer Series 1000 Comfortable Nose & Ear Trimmer NT1150

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No pulling guaranteed

The Philips NOSETRIMMER Series 1000 gently removes unwanted nose and ear hairs. The ProtecTube technology and the specially designed angle of the trimmer ensure a fast, easy and comfortable trim with no pulling guaranteed.

Nosetrimmer Series 1000 Comfortable Nose & Ear Trimmer NT1150


No Pulling Guaranteed,

Guard System,

Ideal Angle,

Fully Washable,

AA Battery


Cutting System

Cutter Width Nose Trimmer - 21mm (13/16")

Cutting Element - Stainless Steel Blades

Number Of Length Settings - 1



Maintenance - Protective Cap


Ease Of Use

Maintenance Free - No Oil Needed

Cleaning - Fully Washable



Color - Black

Finishing - Plain Plastic

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