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Nestle Nido Fortified Milk Powder, 1800g Tin

Nestle Nido Fortified Milk Powder, 1800g Tin

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NIDO FORTIFIED with FortiGrow is a full cream milk powder that has a creamy and dense taste. Each spoonful of the fine yellowish powder contains the essential vitamins and minerals needed to strengthen your child's muscles, teeth and bones. NIDOFORTIFIED with FortiGrow is an excellent source of calcium and Vitamin D and is a delicious milk that is so easy to prepare INSTANTLY. Just mix 3 spoonfuls of NIDO FORTIFIED with FortiGrow with water (250 ML) and stir. The optimal growth starts with the right nutrition and when you give your child NIDO FORTIFIED with FortiGrow, you are giving him the right combition of essential nutrients in addition to a great tasting milk that supports his overall growth and development to the fullest.


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